KYUSHU: A magical land of hot springs and dolphins!


Many travel circles highly recommend traveling to Kyushu during the summer for its diverse and fun range of watersports . From high paced to slow soothing experiences, there are all kinds of water activities for all. You can try a guided mangrove course in Kagoshima and discover adorable sea turtles while scenic snorkeling across the enchanting blue sea of Amami.

SUP river cruises in Kumamoto are a nice way to speed along the afternoon. You get a front-row seat to the antics of acrobatic dolphins in Kumamoto when you go boat cruising , and diving . River rafting in Kumakawa is always an adrenaline-packed adventure!

Fitness needs are catered to by a collection of SUP , beach , and yoga classes. Keep the body healthy and the mind interested via a selection of traditional handicrafts in Kyushu. Learn the ancient ceramic making techniques in Fukuoka pottery workshops , and experience sandblasting , accessory making , and perfume design in Miyazaki, entailing more than 70 scents.

阿蘇農田是全家人的絕佳體驗。餵食和玩耍火烈鳥,在可愛的卡通圓頂小屋紮營,享受大自然中最美味的美食和露天浴池。探索更大的阿蘇九重國家公園到處都是火山溫泉和友好的野生動物,他們也熱衷於享受大自然的溫水浴。對於再造的荷蘭文化和建築,長崎的 Huis Ten Bosch is the place to be for a taste of the Netherlands in Japan!

The offshore reefs and sandy shores of Amami Oshima Island ensure an abundance of idyllic beaches to picnic, run, play, and relax on. Bask in a sunset that turns the water orange and savor island treats and wine. When the cold bites or you need to take your mind off things, a Beppu hells tour is a nice way to warm up your day. Enjoy the overwhelming green nature clouded by the steam rises of bubbling hot springs, while wondering at an eerie red pond!

Still on natural wonders, incorporate into your itinerary a visit to Mt. Aso, observe the massive caldera and the Nakadake crater, and take pictures of the beautiful layers of sand and gravel. In Miyazaki, the Takachiho gorge offers the Gokase River and a waterfall inside a large chasm with walls likened to the skin of a dragon.

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Snorkel and explore with sea turtles and have a yoga workout in front of the crashing waves of Amami Oshima, which is also known for the highest standard of SUP! Battle the monstrous rapids of Kuma River, among many other challenges, and learn high-speed maneuver canoeing and rafting. Unique yoga surfing in heavenly blue waters and green surroundings also awaits.

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Have a conversation, or more accurately, stare quietly at each other, with sea turtles as you fun dive in Kyushu! Discover ship remains and beautiful coral beds as you embrace night diving involving strangely-colored fish and noctiluca (the sea sparkle algae). Get professional with diving certification courses around beautiful islands, before embarking on licensed diving adventures.

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Where do you go when you want to have fun to fullest? Kyushu! You can have loads of it beside hot-spring-bathing capybara in Aso farmland and other theme parks. Cruising the blue Amami blue sea is always a good time, and the same goes for dolphin watching in Kumamoto. Bouldering in Fukuoka is a great way to strengthen bones and family bonds!

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Sample Japanese heritage with tasty-flavored traditional wines during sake tasting tours of Kyushu. Experience another kind of Japanese culture with rickshaw and bus tours around Moji port and many other popular attractions. Stargazing is also a great adventure involving meditative staring at shooting stars and the moon. You can also get going with guided tours about snorkeling, rafting, yoga, and more!

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時不時放鬆一下,既健康又清爽,該地區為您提供 SUP 瑜伽和瑜伽課程,其中陽光親吻的海灘和美麗的大海是教室。在阿蘇農田與友好的火烈鳥和水豚一起參加健康挑戰,同時接受溫暖,振興浴!