HOKKAIDO turns into a paradise during spring. Beautiful nature rings across the mountainous landscapes, providing breathtaking mountain views. Flower and lavender fields explode with blossoming colors, with sprawling tulip parks adding to the floral appeal. Spring weather also makes it a joy to explore marine sports in the prefecture!

北海道的春季菜單琳瑯滿目,最值得一提的是這裡是一個有很多事情要做的運動天堂! Niseko 享受世界上最可愛的運動項目,俯瞰風景如畫的小鎮,這將成為社交媒體的絕佳載體。北海道縣提供了許多 water sports to go with the spring sun, including canoeing , river rafting , stand up paddle board , and diving .

For a unique experience of beautiful nature conformed into perfect designs, be sure to also spend some time at Shiretoko National Park, Shibazakura Takinoue Park, and the lavender fields of Farm Tomita in Furano. The scenery at Lake Shikotsu over spring is worthy of a canoeing trip too, as are the lively tulip rows of red, yellow, and green at Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park. Besides the flora, the fauna of Hokkaido is exceptional too, and you can go on sightseeing tours and admire polar bears, penguins, and giraffes, among other creatures at Asahiyama Zoo.

路上的運動樂趣阻礙了 horseback riding 在綠色的山上,您一定會喜歡的一項活動,因為令人嘆為觀止的景色和壯麗的騎行在反射的寧靜中。您也可以在導遊的帶領下慢慢來 trekking tours sampling the best of Hokkaido, or opt for the convenience of cycling tours and taxi sightseeing tours . Better yet, take in the attractions from above without distractions through hot air balloon rides that'll forge lifetime memories.

如果沒有踏上眾多著名景點之一,在北海道的假期無疑是不完整的。 bus tours from Sapporo , the always exciting capital of the paradisiacal island! Claiming the tag of Hokkaido's largest city and the most gorgeous as well, you can visit refreshing parks like Sapporo Odori Park and stand in awe of indescribably beautiful nature!

說到值得一遊的自然奇觀,北海道也有很多。 Biei , which offers sky-blue waters that echo the vegetation that surrounds it like a giant, cobalt mirror. Beyond the pond but still nearby, the Shirahige falls, which empty into Biei River, gush beautifully over the landscape to provide excellent scenery. Explore the mystical region with Furano and Biei Sightseeing Tours and, while you're at it, please keep in mind the famous blue cave cruising tours , another wondrous activity.

把最好的留到最後的案例,您可以通過參觀結束您的旅行,開始輕鬆的冒險 Noboribetsu . 這座熱氣騰騰的城市以其惡魔雕像、節日而聞名,尤其是令人驚嘆的 hot springs 這提供了一種舒緩的緩解。不僅對人類很有吸引力,對友好的野生動物也很有吸引力,在登別備受追捧的溫泉和溫泉周圍,你不會缺少可愛的同伴。可愛的猴子,因為他們也喜歡冒泡的水。春天的植被很可愛。吞沒溫暖的隱居,提供平靜的逃離,你真的不能責怪他們!

Hokkaido fulfills all the imaginations of a perfect spring or summer holiday, offering attractions for both the young and young at heart. There's much to see and do, so let's get you started!

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想要體驗無窮無盡的精彩水上運動,Activity Japan 就是您所需要的!在小樽乘坐飛艇跳上空中,然後在北海道進行激流漂流,在美麗的風景中激流激流。站立式單槳衝浪更符合您的口味嗎?那裡有很多北海道 SUP 活動可以嘗試。如果你喜歡慢慢來,你會喜歡在北海道劃獨木舟!

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